The Department of Anthropology is committed to research devoted to the generation and application of anthropological knowledge, perspectives and methods in the service of human problem-solving and decision-making, and support for the practices of anthropology in a variety of professional settings.

The faculty are engaged in a wide variety of teaching and research activities within the traditional subfields in anthropology and their activities fit into one or more of the following areas of concentration: environment, health and heritage.

One of our strengths is each practitioner’s ability to connect to local and international communities through the development of collaborations and partnerships with local stake-holders, NGOs, foreign governments and institutions, as well as local, state and federal government agencies.

Full Time
Brighton, Stephen Tablada Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies 0132 Woods Hall
(301) 405 3700
Chernela, Janet Professor 1128 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1421
Downey, Sean Sean Downey Assistant Professor 1106 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1427
Freidenberg, Judith Judith Freidenberg Professor 0101 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1420
Getrich, Christina Getrich Assistant Professor
Hambrecht, George Tablada Assistant Professor 0111 Woods Hall
Lafrenz Samuels, Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels Assistant Professor
Leone, Mark Image of Mark Leone Professor 1108 Woods Hall
(301) 405 8767
Paolisso, Michael Tablada Professor & Director of Graduate Studies 0131 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1433
Sangaramoorthy, Thurka Sangaramoorthy Assistant Professor 0109 Woods Hall
Shackel, Paul Image of Paul Shackel Professor & Department Chair 1111-C Woods Hall
(301) 405 1425
Shaffer, Jen L. Jen Shaffer Assistant Professor 0110 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1441
Stuart, William Taft Tablada Assistant Professor & Director of Undergraduate Honors Program 0106 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1435
Agar, Michael Agar Emeritus magar@umd.edu
Bushrui, Suheil Tablada Emeritus sbushrui@umd.edu
Chambers, Erve Tablada Emeritus 0101 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1439
Gonzalez, Nancie Emeritus ngonzalez@umd.edu
Jackson, Fatimah Emeritus fatimah@umd.edu
Whitehead, Tony Emeritus 0123 Woods Hall
(301) 405 1419