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Courtney Hofman’s article, “Mitochondrial Genomes Suggest Rapid Evolution of Dwarf California Channel Islands Foxes (Urocyon littoralis),"... Read more
Dr. Ellis R. Kerley taught at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Maryland from 1972 to 1987, and served as its Chair from 1974 to 1978. He was... Read more
Lecture AbstractWe live in a geological age whose name is up for debate. The question is whether we remain in the Holocene, or have entered a new epoch—... Read more
Anthropology graduate Robi Rawl has been featured in a story by ABC news this month. Robi Rawl graduated from University of Maryland, College Park in 2000 with... Read more
To celebrate anthropology and anthropologists across the globe, the American Anthropological Association has declared 19 February 2015 as... Read more
Dr. Shirley Fiske, Chair of AAA Task Force on Climate Change, is happy to announce that "Changing the Atmosphere. Anthropology and Climate Change"... Read more
Dr. Paul Shackel along with Michael Roller and Camille Westmont were featured in the article "Remembering the Lattimer Massacre" from the Winter... Read more
Dr. Janet Chernela published her article,"Limits to Knowledge: Indigenous Peoples, NGOs, and the Moral Economy in the Eastern Amazon of Brazil" ... Read more
Dr. Jen Shaffer's article, "Making Sense of Local Climate Change in Rural Tanzania Through Knowledge Co-Production" was published in... Read more
Assistant Professor Thurka Sangaramoorthy of the Department of Anthropology served as a principal on a health assessment review of fracking in western Maryland... Read more
Sean Downey Dr. Sean Downey's article, "The Neolithic Dempographic Transition in Europe: Correlation with Juvenility Index Supports Interpretation of the Summed... Read more
The Workshop on Society and the Environment provides a meeting space for faculty and students in Sociology, BSOS, and around the University with common... Read more
 Recently published book, Social-Ecological Systems in Transition, features a chapter co-written by UMD Anthropology's Dr. Jen Shaffer.... Read more